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Building a Unified Enterprise Mobility Strategy for small businesses

With the ongoing convergence of fixed and mobile technologies combined with the advent of mobile broadband capabilities, the potential for mobility as an integral and coherent business tool has never been greater.

GO!Enterpise Server by GLOBO helps businesses to develop a unified enterprise mobility strategy that will enable a more cost-effective and efficient delivery of business applications, securely over any wireless network.

Historically, small businesses have been voice-heavy users, but today with the increasing availability of mobile broadband networks, data plan price reductions and smart phone uptake they are increasingly adopting mobile applications.

GO!Enterpise Server provides a cost efficient solution for all small offices that wish to become more productive by enabling their office environment to be accessible from everywhere, over any data network and via any mobile device.

GO!Enterprise Server Benefits

  • No upfront licensing cost
  • No extra cost of ownership on specific mobile devices. Compatible with almost ALL mobile devices
  • Cost efficient to maintain and operate
  • Easy installation within company premises
  • User friendly management environment, easy to operate and maintain
  • Extensible to cover ANY business requirement, supporting a variety of services such as push email, contacts, calendar, Business Social Networking and integration to ANY internal business
  • Secure environment by supporting high security standards and extensive Policy Controls (PC)
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