Facebook Contest App

Use beeherd’s Facebook Contest App to increase brand awareness, gain exposure and learn more about your customers. Users can participate using their Facebook account. It is easy, fun, automatic, needs no maintenance and integrates with Facebook and Google Analytics.

How it works
We will develop a Facebook App based on an activity of your choice (like a quiz or a puzzle). When a user interacts with the app his/her personal details (name, email, fb ID) connected with his/her Facebook account are saved in the contests database and the user receives an email that confirms the participation to the contest.


1. Development of Facebook application in an address like apps.facebook.com/contest-name
2. Hosting of the application in our server (SSL enabled)
3. Database to store the participant’s data
4. For each submission the participant’s name, email, fb id, time of submission are saved.
5. Your logo, contest moto and contest description
6. Contest terms and conditions
7. Graphics that match your logo/website (no major revisions) or we can use your layout
8. An activity of your choice (quiz or puzzle*)*puzzle image size up to 600Χ600px
*puzzle functions as drag ‘n΄ drop in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and as slide in Internet Explorer
9. Post to wall function of a contest moto “I just participated in contest Χ”. (Requires user approval according to facebook guidelines).
10. email that confirms contest participation with a message of your choice
11. like button of your facebook page
12. Links to your website/facebook page
13. Additional page that upon successful participation informs the user and has a like box and links to your website/facebook page
14. After the contest ends user data are exported from the DB
15. beeherd logo in the footer of the app

–Additional features/activities can be added upon request. You can contact beeherd to develop a custom Facebook App based on your needs

How to participate
A. Facebook Application titled “Contest Χ” that the user can access from a landing tab in your facebook page.
B. When the user accepts the permissions request is prompted to answer a question (multiple choice) or to solve a puzzle. Upon successful completion:
  • the user is show a page where he/she is prompted to like your facebook page.
  • the user gets an email with a text of your choice that prompts him/her to visit your website/facebook page.
  • user’s data are stored in the contests DB and gets a unique number for his/her participation
  • Post to wall (upon user’s approval) of a contest moto “I just participated in contest Χ” along with your logo or the contest’s logo.

C. To decide the winner(s) an electronic draw is performed and the winner(s) are notified in the email that is connected with their facebook account.

What you get

  • User engangement
  • Viral spread
  • User data
  • Compliance with Facebook Promotion Guidelines
  • No need for add ons (e.g flash).
  • Full support for iPad and Android tablets.