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Facebook’s Mobile Future

facebook mobile futureIt goes without saying that Facebook is the darling of this era’s technology boom. However, as many have repeated over the last month since its IPO, the company is now turning to face some major obstacles. Namely, adoption of the service is slowing, and the company is making little revenue off its increasingly large base of mobile users. I’m going to explain how Facebook can both supercharge user adoption – potentially hitting three billion users by 2014 – and who they can work with to boost their mobile revenues drastically.

In fact, the strategy may seem counter-intuitive in its simplicity: Facebook must prepare to go old school and partner with wireless carriers in its fastest growing emerging markets.

Today, there are five billion mobile connections across the globe. According to Cisco, by 2016, this number will double to 10 billion connections across eight billion mobile devices. Facebook has the opportunity to be installed on every single one, but the company must start now in order to get in front of this coming wave of smartphone adoption.

Who are the smartphone users of tomorrow? The feature phone users of today.

Facebook’s long-term vision and successfully monetizing mobile depends on penetrating this market. The company knows this: they’ve improved the biggest draws of Facebook on mobile, the News Feed, released the standalone Facebook Camera app, and are rolling out a mobile-only ad platform.

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