GO!Enterprise Server mobile apps

GO!Enterprise Server
provides a powerful, secure, easy to use and cost efficient solution to mobilize any business operation and build applications that can run on any mobile device for a company’s employees.

Today’s businesses undergo a radical transformation. Mobile access to business information, tasks, files, communication and applications are now essential to business success. GO!Enterprise Server enables seamless integration of all these, via an enhanced secure environment, providing a holistic solution to any company’s mobility requirements.

GO!Enterprise Server is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that provides a unified environment for developing, deploying and managing applications inside an enterprise. GO!Enterprise Server offers the right solution for employees empowerment either if the business need is just secure E-Mail or requires mobile access to Business Applications, like CRM and ERP.

Increase productivity and efficiency Arms any type of employee (managers, sales representatives, customer service agents, field workers, etc.) with mobile access to its most valuable business information
Smooth Management and Administration Administrators can set user groups and manage strict governance policies, as well as deploy applications remotely (Over-the-Air) from a central platform without needing to touch each device
Manage all mobile devices on your network, 

Enable BYOD policy

Be able to manage deployment of mobile applications for every employee across a diverse range of mobile devices
Enhance business benefits Streamline workflow with remote visibility, reduce operational costs, reduce sales cycles with fast accurate data collection and increase your customers satisfaction
Remote wipe Administrators have the ability to remotely “freeze” a device, which is useful if the device is lost or stolen and wipe the data from the container in order to preserve business confidentiality
Prepare to take action Shortens the time for companies to deploy applications and grants access to back-end systems only from devices that have a management client installed
Strong information and collaboration networking Empower employees collaboration and information sharing, while outside the office, to post questions, instant communication with colleagues, group discussions, or even view and share files
In the apps universe, simplicity rules Our solution offers a comprehensive development framework for any mobile application, providing the right features with a simple, yet effective user experience.

GO!Enterprise Server building blocks |
More with Less

Multiple applications, operating systems and back-end data sources all push mobile administration and management tasks into the red zone.

GO!Enterprise Server along with GO!Enterprise Server Administration Environment, GO!Development Studio and GO!Enterpise Mobile Client provides orchestration between back-end data sources, applications and mobile devices of every stripe.

GO!Enterprise Administration Environment is using a centralized management console with a single integrated interface designed to help enterprises and organizations to manage efficiently all things mobile; users, security, access right, policies, licenses and applications deployment. Our platform insulates enterprises from the administrative overload caused by diverse environments, while enabling them to transform their business infrastructure to meet the changing needs of business mobilization.

GO!Development Studio provides a powerful development environment that requires no-code writing, makes easy integration with even the most diverse data information systems (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligent, Sales Force Management, etc.) using an advanced graphical design framework, it supports the most complex business logic and enables even a novice developer with the power and sophistication required to transform business systems and operations on to mobile platforms.

The main advantages of GO!Development Studio, in relation to other Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), are that provides a single point of mobilizing any back-end systems once across all mobile devices while managing holistically all security aspects

GO!Development Studio connects to any database structure (e.g. MSSQL Server, Oracle with Oracle client, MYSQL Database server, ODBC data sources), and consumes Web Services (SOAP and REST) or RSS feeds, in order to provide the ultimate mobile experience for business applications.

Organizations are looking for a cost-effective way to mobilize their workforce and this is to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

GO!Enterprise Server

GO!Enterprise Mobile Client helps Organizations to encourage personal device use in the office, since it  provides a single point of interaction for accessing all business information over a secure container, available on ANY mobile device, including Android handset & tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone & Blackberry.

GO!Enterprise Server | Designed around your business needs

GO!Enterprise Server comes in flexible packaging that best matches any enterprise mobility strategy.

GO!Enterprise Office | Messaging and collaboration to increase employees’ productivity

GO!Enterprise Office providing the ultimate solution for any enterprise and their employees.

Messaging & Productivity 

GO!Enterprise Server provides secure access to E-Mail accounts for Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Lotus Domino and any other Corporate E-Mail accounts.


Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes are fully synchronized on the mobile device maximizing productivity, even while on the move.


Directory Files & Folders

GO!Enterprise Server provides easy connectivity to active directory file system enabling mobile access to your company’s intranet files and folders from any mobile device. Advanced features permit exchange of files, attachments to e-mails, sharing with colleagues and reading on the mobile device without any additional software required.


Business Social Networking 

GO!Enterprise Server helps enterprises achieve greater business results through fostering better collaboration and information sharing practices amongst internal teams with the adoption of the embedded Business Social Networking environment.


Administration Environment

Performing complex tasks such as managing user groups, assigning roles and permissions, deploying multiple applications to a diverse range of mobile devices, executing system changes, updates, configurations and many more are made simple with the GO!Enterprise Administration Environment console.

GO!Enterprise Mobilizer |
Mobile Apps Add Muscle to your Business

GO!Enterprise Mobilizer combines the flexibility and ease of use of a ready-made solution with the power of a development environment that enables custom integrations of any back-end systems and transformation of any business operations across-device native applications.

The potential for productivity, efficiency, cost reduction and better service offering from mobile applications is everywhere; from the corner office to the service fleet and across all vertical industries. It’s also larger than ever. Multiple applications, operating systems and back-end data sources all push mobile administration and management tasks into the red zone.

GO!Enterprise Plus | Combines the powers of both worlds

Enjoy the ultimate features and benefits of both GO!Enterprise Office and GO!Enterprise Mobilizer into a combined package offered by GO!Enterprise Plus.

GO!Enterprise Plus  provides an unmatched solution for secure mobile access to Corporate Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Files & Folders and Business Social Networking, together with the capability to transform any internal business application onto a mobile device.

GO!Enterprise Plus is suitable for forward-looking organizations that are considering mobile initiatives in order either to leverage data assets, or increase employee productivity, or reach their partners, or for any other reason in order to implement the ‘right’ mobile strategy and improve the bottom line.

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