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HowMuchGas iPhone app

HowMuchGas app calculates gas cost for your trips! You can enter starting and destination address and see the result on the map (google maps) along with details such as cost, distance and trip duration. For more precise results you can select your car (using data from the website for over 60 makers) and where you are going to drive (city, highway or combined). You can even type in your car’s gas mileage using “My mpg” feature!
•Detect your location as starting address
•Use waypoint
•Select your vehicle from a large database of US market models or
•Insert your car’s gas mileage using “My mpg” feature
•Insert your own gas price ($/gallon)
•Select type of driving (cty, hwy, cmb)
•Avoid tolls or highways
Results that contain:

•Cost for one way trip, round trip or working week
•Distance and estimated time
•See your route on the map (google maps)
App Store link:
Requirements: iOS 3.1.2 or better, EDGE, 3G or WiFi connection

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