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iOS and Android devices are being adopted faster than any consumer technology in history

According to a report by mobile app analytics company Flurry, iOS and Android devices are being adopted quite fast. They’re growing so fast, in fact, that the current growth rate has surpassed that of any other consumer technology in history.

The first aspect of this report is fairly obvious: smartphones have been gaining ground for quite some time and continue to spread far beyond the US and Europe. What’s special here is what Flurry found when pitting this revolution against others in our industry.

The company reports that iOS and Android devices are being adopted 10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption.









Out of all this, with a claimed 90% reliability in device detection, Flurry states that an estimated 640 million iOS and Android devices were in use during last month alone.

Read the report on the flurry blog and the article on TNW

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