LazyPub for iOS publishing

Meet LazyPub: a flexible platform that facilitates the publication of newspaper/magazine content using either HTML5 templates or PDF files. It is so easy it makes you lazy! Designed with touch devices in mind, it delivers cross platform compatibility. With support for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), the most popular mobile and tablet platform you can deliver your content to millions of devices at once.

Some of the features include:

  • Multiple editions of your publication,
  • Search functionality,
  • Bookmarks,
  • Annotations,
  • In app purchase,
  • Newsstand app,
  • Integration with facebook, twitter, send via email,
  • User configurable text size,
  • Both landscape and portrait orientation supported,
  • Universal app,
  • Integration with ad services,
  • Analytics.
  • Look and feel according to your needs or your website design
  • Branding with your logo

You might also consider our iPad News application that pulls content directly from your website:

  • Support for text, images, videos
  • Share content using Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • Arrange news in categories
  • PUSH notifications
  • Monetization using ads

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