iPhone app for news websites

iPhone news applicationIf you run a news website you will need our iPhone app so that your readers can stay in touch on the go! Some of the features include:


  • Show your users full article content optimized for the iPhone’s screen
  • Content comes from your website news categories (images, youtube videos, mp3 streaming supported).


  • Separate content into folders
  • Organization of content that follows your website, hierarchical structure


  • Display 5 main tabs
  • Give users the ability to arrange tabs themselves and create their own menu

Push Notifications

  • Let users know new content is available
  • Send news alerts


  • Your logo
  • Customizable colors, images, and fonts
  • Control how your app is branded


  • Search against your own external web service.


  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, email to friends.


  • Include ads in your app.

Additional features

  • Request for more features that match your needs!



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