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LazyPub makes simple PDFs interactive

LazyPub’s interaction manager allows you to insert interactive elements to simple PDF files. Interactions are inserted using a simple form where you have to define the interaction type and the page where you want each one to appear.  The supported interactive elements include:

  • YouTube and Vimeo videos,
  • URL to any web based content,
  • Flickr or Picassa image galleries,
  • Google Docs,
  • Social Media content eg links to Facebook pages, twitter hashtag streams etc

Adding an interactive element

The interface that allows you to integrate interactions is a simple form where you have to fill in:

  • the interaction’s name eg youtube_video_page_4. (Note: It is important to name/identify your interactions since after you publish your issue you will be able to see detailed statistics for each interaction),
  • the issue where you want the interactive element to appear (comes pre filled)
  • the page of the issue where you want the interaction to appear,
  • the interaction type (drop down select from the available interaction types) and
  • the parameters of the interaction, usually this is a URL.

Viewing an interaction in the iOS app

When an issue’s page has an interactive element there will be an icon on the top right corner indicating the interaction type. By clicking this icon users can view the interaction. In the example shown below, clicking the icon on the top right corner of the screen will result in playing the YouTube video we have specified in the previous step through LazyPub’s backend system.

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