mobile apps

Want to quickly get the latest news from your favorite news website? Chances are that there is an app for that. Want to know which coffee shop is the closest to your location? Probably there is an app for that too! Despite of the mobile OS you are using there are numerous mobile apps serving up informative tips, location aware information, news or gaming. From news websites to coffee shops to retail brands, many companies are using mobile apps to extend their businesses, increase brand awareness and expand. Your business can, too!

Extend your services in order to support mobile or tablet device users. Provide your (potential) clients with:

  • your latest news,
  • details about your products and services,
  • details about your location,
  • social media integration,
  • e-commerce/online ordering
  • QR code readers
  • or request a custom app based on your needs!

 Why go mobile? Smart phones (mainly iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, BlackBerry) are quickly increasing their percentage in the mobile market and soon will hold a greater market share than feature phones. With more and more advertisments served through mobile devices each year, the wide adoption of mobile payment/micropayment solutions and with the increasing use of the mobile web, going mobile seems the obvious choice.

With your own iPhone or Android application is easy to provide:

  • Your website’s RSS feed,
  • Detailed descriptions of your products/services optimized for mobile screens,
  • Your location on the map,
  • Contact details and allow customers to contact you directly within the app,
  • Your offers (special price for app users, discount, advertise an event etc)

We also provide:

  • Icon creation based on your logo,
  • Loading screen based on your logo
  • Localization in your language
  • We take care of Apple App Store submission and/or Android Market submission
  • We will also create the app description for use inthe App Store/Android Market or/and your website
  • Youtube video to demonstrate the app’s features
  • Promotion in social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedIn κ.α)
  • Custom graphics and color combinations to match your current website/logo
  • Custom modules based on your needs
    (eshop, connection to web services, db connections etc)
  • Update your app with new data after it is released in App Store/Android Market
  • Website development to promote your application

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