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According to wikipedia the Mobile Web refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, connected to a wireless network.


As the Web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices and in 2008 mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer-based access for the first time (source: International Telecommunications Union, Oct 2009).


The shift to mobile Web access has been accelerating with the rise since 2007 of larger multitouch smartphones, and of multitouch tablet computers since 2010. Both platforms provide better Internet access and browser- or application-based user Web experiences than previous generations of mobile devices have done.
The distinction between mobile Web applications and native applications is anticipated to become increasingly blurred, as mobile browsers gain direct access to the hardware of mobile devices (including accelerometers and GPS chips), and the speed and abilities of browser-based applications improve. Persistent storage and access to sophisticated user interface graphics functions may further reduce the need for the development of platform-specific native applications.
beeherd offers development of websites (mobile sites) specifically designed for the mobile web and fully compatible with mobile browsers. Provide your website ‘s content in a manner suited for the most popular mobile Operating Systems: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch), Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, BlackBerry.


Because mobile websites are:

  • easy to navigate
  • provide information suited for smaller screens
  • avoid technologies like flash and silverlight
  • very light (to reduce waiting times)


We can either create a new mobile website based on the content of your existing website (depending on the system your website is built with) or customize your existing website with a mobile theme.

mobile site vs mobile apps

The inability of mobile web applications to fully access the local capabilities on the mobile device may limit their ability to provide the same features as native applications, for example access to a smartphone’s contacts or the camera.

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