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5 mobile marketing tips

With so many mobile channels, strategies and tactics to consider, the ideal path forward will be different for each company based on their unique situation and objectives.

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Facebook and the mobile web

Facebook is witnessing a huge opportunity emerge on the mobile Web, with more visitors coming to Facebook’s mobile website than from all its native mobile apps. But while many agree that the Web is the future of mobile development, it’s not nearly as sophisticated a development experience as provided by native apps.

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Real News mobile site

Ανάπτυξη mobile site για την ιστοσελίδα της Real News (real.gr)

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iPad elearning app

We have just finished the first draft of our iPad elearning course template. It is entirely built using html5 technology and web 2.0 services inside an xcode project.Each lesson sub unit has a main video/presentation, one or more quizzes and the accompanying material. This material can either be some locally or remotely stored files (word, […]

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